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Rentaflix is your ultimate online property rental management solution. Streamline property management, enhance tenant relations, and maintain comprehensive records effortlessly. Our modern, responsive UI ensures an intuitive experience across all devices.

Rentaflix is your comprehensive online property rental management solution. Whether you manage buildings, units, grounds, or any property type, Rentaflix streamlines the entire process, from property management to tenant relations and advanced accounting.

Dashboard 1
Dashboard 1

Our platform allows you to record properties, manage expenses and revenues by categories, and store and categorize pictures, documents, and comments for seamless collaboration. Track and manage tenants, meter readings, and detailed tenancy records, including rents, deposits, and other transactions for accurate bookkeeping.

Dashboard 1

Customize your experience with a configurable dashboard featuring a catalog of widgets for visualizing financial metrics, asset performance, and forecasts. Generate documents using standard or custom templates, and export data effortlessly with our powerful document generation feature.

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Dashboard 3
Dashboard 3

With advanced user management, you can invite collaborators with specific permissions, restrict access by time or property, and ensure secure, private cloud deployment with integration options for your existing tools.

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  • Comprehensive Property Management
  • Tenant and Lease Management
  • Expense and Revenue Tracking
  • Document Storage and Categorization
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics
  • Configurable Dashboard with Widgets
  • Custom and Standard Document Templates
  • Granular User Permissions
  • Time-based Access Control
  • Integration with Existing Tools
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